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  1. Goth because they be pulling out leather whips and shit and they wont cry and cut them selfs afterwards
  2. I think this thread changed me a little because before when someone ask me a dumb questions i would just blow it off or not be to mean about it But last night i tell my mom i lost my key and she asks "where did you lose it?" and i just flip shit and i start yelling at her "MOM IF I KNEW WHERE I LOST IT IT WOULDNT BE LOST!!! LOST MEANS I DONT HAVE A DAMN CLUE WHERE ITS AT!!!
  3. "you tag? oh my god write my name" so i just write there name in regular handwriting and give it to them to keep or "teach me how to write gangster" this fucking bitch who looks like a turkey always asks me that in class
  4. hey maybe you need to get your ass beat cause you are doing the same thing thing i deed by posting that
  5. hey you guys are asshole i was just asking a question some one could have just said "oh he is in blank and he is going to blank soon" or something along those lines
  6. whoops i thought something went wrong with my computer and posted the same thing twice
  7. hey im not stoooooooopid you are i trust the 12oz community more than google
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