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  1. man all that grime shit is dope ...fresh peices.
  2. terms +rns went over desr... kaos isnt wak..
  3. daks is cool.... who is w. dmise ova there?....
  4. damm those gangsta youth with that fresh o7 style bump
  5. this is prime times fucking ill!!:cool:
  6. bump the freestyle number 5...RTD
  7. lil daks lookin good on those fr8s
  8. jus look back a few pages....i seen a flick of him and reyes rooftop looks better than jus about n e p wall out there...norm kills it and has style..
  9. where theese cats from they got nice style...?
  10. waker is ill!! that suph is tigh too!
  11. jked from w.coast thread..
  12. man is this all p wall h town stuff now?
  13. man that dude sounds way gay too....ha....
  14. that video was wak where was the illegal burners?!?
  15. bh highwayrooftop yea yeea..
  16. whoever said this dudes style was wack a few pages ago is blink this cat is pure fire....! he skill lever is amazing...seen him do an illegal peice in san antonio shit was awsome.... props to this dude/
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