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  1. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- wow,so your are san jo kings,jejeje.when did this happen.how do you become kings when nobody declared you kings.how the fuck are you kings with them sick ass styles.jeje.so what is lords,and twb compared to you guys, "toys" because there not kings like you are,with your master pieces,jeje,get the fuck out of here.you cant declare yourselves kings unless all the city writters say so.you can stay san jo kings in your little brains of yours."kings" more like queens.puro east los.- TheMaker 714,510
  2. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- Yeah thats ummm uhhh on Santa Clara st. between1st and 2nd across the street from Toons.yeah i was there when he was doing it,I actually helped him,it took us 45 minutes,thanx."Now you stupid fucks,if isnt San Jose dont post the fucking picture here,fucken numb nuts,god damn fucken stupid fucken asian orphans from Australia never listen". "Did I make myself fucking clear,fucken bitches"? - TheMaker 714,510
  3. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- all you mother fuckers that post pics and come on this thread should line up and slob on my knob.self promo is the best and easiest way to gain toy status.good job to all you dumb dumbs.close this thread and fuck aot ofa amc up and wkt and thats a fact.Beso,Claw,Ms.17,Muffin, and Chow I`m going to bone all you at the same time on the same bed,with the same jimmy,finger you with the same finger and all you are going to suck the same dick. - TheMaker repping the 714
  4. suck my dick,you new york ci-tities-ers.lmao - TheMaker 714
  5. Does Chow`s pussy smell like Chow Mein,does anybody know? Because if it does I will eat that shit with my hands tide behind my back and make her scream in english "Me love you longtime".Chow if your reading this let me bend those bones.Get at me pm if you want to feel my cack-a-saurous hitting your ribs.I`ll send you to the hospital because I`ll rip that tight little oyster pussy of yours.Little sexy soy sauce packet.Don`t get mad Beso,your still my pretzel whore.Beso loves playing Twister with me butt naked but for some reason she always cheats and i find myself behind her,so i just ram the mother fucker in hard,then she yells "Oh big daddy Kane". I love you Beso,you give the best skull in SJ,I like when you use your teeth.God Damn.Your a keeper,Want to Marry me,I`m asking you on 12oz.jeje - TheMaker 714
  6. Now this Man I would cast my vote in for the next Govenor of Cali14nia for sure.He just said a few words in one sentence and is telling the truth.More power to you.- TheMaker 714
  7. Who? You can say that again,"Dumb Ass Work".I think you really deep down inside meant that.But I will take your word for it because I havent seen there "Dumb Ass Work" Whiich in my book of slangs means "Fucken Piece of Shit Work". - TheMaker 714
  8. Yes,my friend,Im now in The City of Angels,(714) area code.I Just don`t stay in one place,I travel. - TheMaker 714
  9. Hahaha fucken weak,damn cacaroach face you suck.Your initials are EB (Everyones Bitch).Damn young pup,go back to Pet Smart so they could retrain you and Nor.lmao - TheMaker
  10. I,100% agree with you.It dont make alot of sence in that subject.People these days try to fucken hard to visually show that there bad asses when deep down there cowards and need to speak in foreign languages.If you aint african/american aka as blacks,dont try to speak there cajun language.That shit stays in the Southern states.Be you for once,be your culture,your race and your native language.Your watching to much MTV,BET and listening to fake people that claim to do the dirt,when in fact there "studio gangasters",said Eazy E.I said nikgah in the past but that was the other Maker,I`m a new Maker.The realist Drill Inspector now.I will in the future get in your face,under your skin like a rash,I will talk nagetive and positive things to who it may cocern.So basically in a non-technical terms,I`m going to talk hella fucken shit to all you mother fuckers.So get ready for the storm because here I come.- TheMaker 714
  11. TheMaker: Im just visiting,Ive been looking at all your posts,I just want to say,what the fuck just happened.It seems like 84.5 percent are straight trying to get quick fame with ugly throwies with good paint.That fucken dirt ball kid holding the paint looks like Ben Davis the gorrilla,got damn you ugly,god dam,wooo looks like someone hit you with a bamboo stick,kid.Owsi now I just want to say somethang,ok are you ready,forreals are you ready,ok,"You Fucken Suck My Hairy Cactus Balls".Why in the fuck would you go risk yourself to bust a throwie for Jimbo,that shows your weak minded because hes getting under your skin.Good job Jimbo,props.(Q and A) Owsi,what noise does a owl make. it makes a noise like this Whoo Whoo .It fits you that you hit that name because just like the owl says Who Who.Who the fuck are you,never seen you up,never ever want to see you up,just hang yourself with Chuck Taylors shoe laces.Fucken whacked ass fucken tonka toy.Got to go now im on retirement.- TheMaker 714
  12. You Mad? has the pm i sent him on my true identity,he got me.ask him,TheMaker has retired.Long Live TheMaker.Long Live TheMaker.Long Live TheMaker.Hoorah.
  13. This is TheMaker speaking,Hey I thought you guys tipped cows and fucked your own sisters over there? When did the fuck did you get a graff scene fuckos? Isnt there just toothless,mullets,wife beaters, and fat tv dinner eating folks that live over there.You bitches cant do graff,come on let the big boys do it.Kill this thread like Kill Bill but for you guys the title will be called "Kill Billy Joe".-TheMaker 510
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