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Everything posted by getsum5

  1. this guy aaahhhhaahaa is a cocksucker ha:D
  2. saw this like a week agowhen i was in cali smokin cali buds..:D
  3. this is some badd ass shitt right hurrr
  4. yea thats what im used to... :D
  5. keeps is da shit .;.. wetnt2 frisco and saw alot of keep bump that
  6. world series attitude right herrr... shit is bomb..
  7. the hecker tag on the top left is ill...
  8. fuck that lil dumbass kid shouldnt have got caught slippin! fuckin RASCAL
  9. went to san jose wtf?? no beer allowed in the strip clubs?!?!?! how does that make any sense??????
  10. where was all this shit when i was in frisco? i only saw pemex up alot keep and lil payday
  11. fuck all this.... dont drop a dime on yo self! free my niggah del money!!!
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