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  1. Pemex is mad dope.. Post that bank flick ...
  2. natrl is bad look how big that peice was... i dont get off to all this intricut peices n shit but that shit is baller... he musta snatch up ur sister or smutthin
  3. damn mex and asian fuckin bad ass bitches then they the cream of da crop
  4. the black n white mega is murda
  5. hate to say it but ur just like riding the dudes fuck em delete the thread
  6. big ups to suph that new steez comming together really niice
  7. looks like push influ... but whoever crushes more wins ... sever wins
  8. cens and who else? dope tho
  9. getsum5

    Else ICR

    somebody couldnt pull a sg
  10. mega is on some other type of shit... commin w the heater freights
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