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  1. aphabetik

    i've been lazy

    get off your arse ,and use some of those dope colors.I know you got them.Lol
  2. aphabetik

    back at it like a bad habit

    :) :):)
  3. aphabetik


    Don`t order Ironlak from oink.They are sending out the old leaker cans.Pretty shady.
  4. aphabetik

    Americas first GRAFF artist spray paint

    So I got the one can working.The paint actually seems good.I have not put it to the real test yet.But really I tested it with some different caps.Like I said I have not put it to the real test ,but with the lines I sprayed .I was able to get nice crisp lines.The paint kind of reminded me of belton.
  5. aphabetik

    <The Great American Nowhere Land>

    ;) ;) ;)
  6. aphabetik

    Fuck winter, and Fuck toys too!

    Been seeing alot of menk.
  7. aphabetik

    wake and bake 8:18 pm central

    Thats what I say also.
  8. aphabetik

    Americas first GRAFF artist spray paint

    I got a couple of the first edition cans.One never sprayed,and just locked up.The other seems pretty thick,and good.
  9. aphabetik


    not bad
  10. aphabetik

    wow. look. its a new thread!

  11. aphabetik

    Yb & Yarr .....

    Alot of them are getting rebuilt right now.
  12. aphabetik


    Anyway that jacket looks TIGHT.
  13. aphabetik

    Grandma's medicine cabinet

    wood grain fills.
  14. aphabetik


    alotof good catches
  15. aphabetik

    central Indiana Midwest #5

    good stuff