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  1. Yes, you're correct, shit back in the day in northern VA was way better and if you look closely you can still see some old graffiti from when this area had people putting in tons of work. Nobody on this beat ass thread is going to tell you stories from back then, your best bet is to go ride transit or walk your ass around and see what's left. Actually, just quit graffiti and go read a fucking book. Maybe take an English class because you sound like an ignorant fuck.
  2. nice benching man, I've seen a lot of these rolling myself. caught that kems wholecar a few years ago.
  3. Wait, you were surprised that a 36 year old woman who fucks 18 year olds is a headcase? c'mon son .jpeg Obviously the bitch doesn't have her shit together if she's hooking up with dudes literally half of her own age.
  4. Agske Pervert Madism nice benching
  5. Your post just reminded me I have a Stillwater cellar door saison in my fridge right now.
  6. Should have another update up in the next couple hours. fresh off the bench.
  7. Good to know, I've never been disappointed with Founders beers. I was drinking double trouble and red rye on draft the other night. good shit. Any body had Sixpoint beers? Bengali Tiger and Autumnation are the only ones I've tried so far, I'd drink both of them again.
  8. Pretty Things Baby Tree is a damn good quad in my opinion.
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