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Fat Crispies

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  1. just copped the new day in the lyfe with a portland section. jukes is filthy
  2. thanks to whoever left the full pack of american spirits on the ave last night. and go peep the lts kog thread. i wish more people did it like that in seattle. not that i do, but full color illegal pieces are rare in these parts!
  3. lets see those snide and lore hollows on you know what street or the new myth and large and tbone at tubs, i saw someone taking a picture of it so plug us
  4. you sound hella corny all the time. its plenty of gangs in THE BITY!!!!! but i guess you wouldnt know
  5. why would you post that shit? bump some blaster caps in the rain
  6. saw a reyes msk tag on like 40th by the ave i would post somepictures but my computer wont let me so...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnidEj4nbgA
  7. if youre ballin enough to pay 6 million dollars for some nikes
  8. its actually a freewall i know the owner. slick can get it though hes a mark
  9. not tryin to toot ajars horn or anything, but its much doper than yours. you siiiimpn!
  10. damn straight! and ajar bites kato now? http://www.flickr.com/photos/rpmag/3946132375/
  11. look at the 5th picture down hahaha http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51288&page=431
  12. whatyou mean nope theres a pheen tag under it..sucka!
  13. the IQ levels of the people in the jerry springer audience are probably pretty similar to those of my fellow 12ozers. smellme?
  14. not at all that shit was so crackin. as far as drunken sweaty loudness goes
  15. i dont know who "kase" is but how does not having an account on a graffiti website have anything to do with someone sucking?
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