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  1. LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL. By Charles Bukowski
  2. jurne gives you no choice but to appreciate his shit
  3. wheres the flick of the upsk roof by westlake i know one of u people got that
  4. busu is filthy. hicup lookin like a hitop bite
  5. i was kickin it with my homies at a park in seattle and a tall white crackhead wearing a "drink4loko" t shirtcame up to us and just started talking forever about drugs. finally he asked my homie if he ever smoked sherm and he said yes. the crackhead told my friend that if he promised never to smoke sherm again he'd pay him 40 dollars. obviously my homie made a promise never to smoke sherm again and this crackhead handed him 2 crispy ass twenties. so a couple people went to the store to buy beer with his newfound riches and after they left the crackhead announced that he was gonna do some drugs. he pulled out a crackpipe and hit that shit like no other. he tod us he had cancer and the only reason he was alive was crack cocaine. and as i was writing this i just watched a drunken game of ultimate frisbee on the street below my apartment. jesus christ whats wrong with people
  7. if anything hes giving shepard fairey more fame i woulda never seen that shit unlessthey went over it and it got put on 12oz. peep the hollow above the poster
  8. nah thats a normal lowercase A. youre thinking of kart probably. sorry to keep this stupid argument going
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