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  1. what about gen2 grunts or am i missing something
  2. you cant fool all the people all of the time, but if you fool the right ones then the rest will fall behind. -dead prez where im from and where im headed, it aint no love. i give thanks that im alive to the man up above- luniz i never knew a friend, until i met a foe. i never knew a pimp, until i met a hoe. -zion i
  3. true the shadow can go in any direction but the highlights would always be on the opposite side of the shadow. but graffiti is all about impressing girls and breaking rules anyways so who cares
  4. USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 29 ... irackpaint ,... cool screenname Do0d3
  5. i took it. i didnt notice it until day before yesterday its in the most obvious place. but we dont discuss that on the oontz
  6. i was thinking the same thing. but foreal bump those vts throwups. oops i mean starve
  7. ghoul throw towards the end. i need to get a board like this
  8. robojones the first chick you can remember wanting to fuck is that stoner asian chick vfrom knocked up? thats grime time
  9. too bad tubs is a freewall. these people dont realize they have it easy compared to a lot of other cities.
  10. aw horids got mad and splashed paint on the roller. now that i think about it he sounded alot like deno!
  11. ^kilzfilz why you puttin your homie starve on blast like that? or does he want everybody to know
  12. do people say "as well" in portland like jeffrey the butler or is your boy fraser mills trippin
  13. vandalicious why you tryin to act like you know about compton?? kid sensation is not gangster
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