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Fat Crispies

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  1. nah thats skotty up there. i think thats rey on the left though
  2. who gives a fuck. whats good with some pictures
  3. im pretty sure virus isnt from seattle. but bump all that fierce
  4. word runs definitely doin it big enough. bump those dcup and ajars fuck a hater
  5. lets see some blackbook flicks you guys are talking about!
  6. dcups is a big samoan crip ive seen that cat murder people
  7. thats what i was thinkin. wheres rp mag at with them flicks!?
  8. Fat Crispies


    yup saw it. there was too many pictures on the old thread!!! rip king kerse
  9. haha 206 tag over amaze. those pictures are rawdog
  10. frisco. dude fucked up on his post or something.
  11. proposal... nothing north of shoreline gets posted. no exceptions. so far this is the best page in a while
  12. ruse has been killin shit for so long. hes probably one of the most under rated writers in seattle. bump that MR 43. and zeb doin the damn thang!
  13. Re: Don't Call it Frisco damn..
  14. everyone knows you dont write. take your pictures to another website.
  15. whats does that hog have to do with puzl?
  16. the reason why these fools arent banned yet is because non of the moderators want to waste their time coming in here. they already know this thread is fucked. but i guess im not helping.. bump everyone that posts flicks!!
  17. Re: Don't Call it Frisco i wish i could me MQ for a day.
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