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Fat Crispies

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  1. have: sold human organs on the black market. have not: graduated elementary school
  2. whats good with this bonkers 7th day
  3. damn vandalicious i knew you were sluffin but you dont know who mq is? once again.. GET OUTTA HERE!
  4. kumar is too close to kuma and thats the hardest klasp bite
  5. soup and fuct came to seattle and got hyped on 4loko!
  6. talking about blunts is cool but lets see some graffiti
  7. peep that old sober lfc above rain. damn those are fuckin classics!
  8. elroc is heat. anyone got that black fill above the underpass when you get on 520 from i5? that make any sense it had a 8ball "o". fuck it
  9. nervs or xvae!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
  10. its pretty gay but bump scarz af. he puts in alottawork in hawaii
  11. that lipid was crazy. whats that faded fill above it?
  12. quit posting your only fillin and your only piece at a chill spot. you are bad!!!!!
  13. i didnt know deasr even wrote. someone should post some hick.. if im allowed to make requests
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