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Everything posted by pornbooth

  1. holy shit. im glad i dont pay taxes in colorado.
  2. dope. that dude was pissed meth style.
  3. simon & garfunkle / new tool album
  4. why do mexicans smokers love marlboro reds? at my work, when a mexican guy asks for smokes i just turnj around and grab the red. the only time ive ever wrong is if the cat is buying newports for some fat white broad waiting in his truck.
  5. Re: 12oz is ruining lives people need to not be so fucking emo. if it really makes you sad that people are giving you shit on the INTERNET, the world will be better off without you.
  6. this is good stuff! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcIRXur61II
  7. does this mean you wont get thrown in a tj jail for poss? prolly not.
  8. Re: this new tool record is fucking boring. maynard thinks too much, or is very skilled at making it look like he does.
  9. what was the name for the little action figure dudes that had the hologram on their belly you could rub and see what crew they were with?
  10. im gonna fuckin chop you up and store you in a box in the attic - yours truly
  11. if you havn't bought from fthw, shut the fuck up about the ads.
  12. Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> i unplugged my ipod nano from my box w/out 'ejecting' it, and now all my songs are erased and when i plug it into my usb slot, i get the error "iTunes cannot read the contents of the ipod. Use the ipod software updater application to restore the ipod to factory settings". pretty self explainatory, yes, but i have looked high and low and cant find whatever application theyre talking about. ehhhhh?
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