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  1. this is the table futura table... it was just over $200 i got it from an art store called Opus
  2. to be honest, the bird drawings are a throw back to some realistic stuff I did years ago and had it turn out nice, so I ran with it now, a few years later. As for painting, Im still unsure about it as far as theme and subkect goes. Personally I think art "with a message" is corny. I am more of a fan of scenery and things that look pretty, wether they be scenes with or without animals, or imaginary stuff... That elephant is a gift for someone though.
  3. word i like that part as well... though its an underpainting so ill see how it turns out at the end..
  4. drawn for a present mix of acrylic and pencil crayons the name is in gold and theres two layers of gold so it shines brighter like with highlights but u cant really see it on the scan
  5. Re: Oh deer! It looks like my night just got a bit more interesting. (weak stomachs beware this thread has saved Ch0. props dude you dun did good
  6. all the painted stuff is acrylics on canvas
  7. Re: Oh deer! It looks like my night just got a bit more interesting. (weak stomachs beware how do you have the internet?
  8. self portrait is dooooooooope
  9. Does anyone notice a difference in the two? Are the price differences justified or what? Ive been able to do pretty good work with either, and Im wondering whether its all just a cash grab....
  10. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks needs more womens
  11. all the birds are pencil on paper
  12. joker is this you? u in van already? :P
  13. heres a look at some stuff I had in a few shows recently. NOTHING is selling sadly but I dont mind as I really like all these pieces and wouldnt mind keeping them see the rest: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thats_life86/ also i managed to finish that painting finally so pic coming soon
  14. Sooo I just got back from a 2 week vacation, from Montreal and New York. About half way into the new york portion of the trip, my camera's memory card got corrupted and would no longer be read by my camera or a memory card reader at the store. What the fuck can I do? Is there any hope for recovering the photos? Is there anything I can do at home to fix it and get my pics, or is it long lost? Either way, expect a picture thread, but seriously it was so wack losing the ENTIRE grip of pictures I had from montreal and HALF of the shit from New York.... Any help much appreciated!
  15. this is how far i am on it at the time. I got side tracked with a bunch of other artwork that i wanted to do so i put the painting on hold... its almost done though
  16. thats dope. it should be called rex
  17. i was an alcoholic russian on halloween it was really fun it may be my costume next year my russian friend said he would join me next year and we could have a gang
  18. yeh i see what u guys mean i think what i meant more was that i had an even bigger idea for that king, but the way i did it i ended up cheating myself out of my plan due to lazyness also the other owls got a massive moustache u just cant tell in the picture
  19. word but personally i was not happy with the execution, it was too rushed and i think it shows... i may re-work the idea at a later time though
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