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Everything posted by Hayabusa

  1. naaah its different in person, the white background makes it look really posh and fresh i like it light
  2. whered u get these...they look different than the ones I got...
  3. wtf? why are 90% of artists websites soooo incredibly hard to navigate, figure out, and are so ugly i dont want to even look at them????? what gives?
  4. is it normally that dark or is that just lighting? it looks cool i like it
  5. better shots of some older drawings, and a newer one
  6. http://dirtypopaugust21.weebly.com/index.html here are the deets geez
  7. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? is that a tattoo on his ass?
  8. piece i just finished for an upcoming Pop Art show was going to jock Warhol but then i said nah lol
  9. i like flickr. It also helps to learn some basic HTML and do ur own site with ur own domain etc. It doesnt have to be flashy. Id say half the artist websites ive gone to have been so hard to navigate because of all the bullshit that i tend to just close them. Keep it simple!
  10. netherlands and germany in the finals germany wins it, though i wish they didnt still sad about ghana
  11. there is no mr brainwash its all a banksy creation to make a statement about the art world think about it
  12. yo to the homie who got all mad: you have to actually be a graffiti writer before you try to bank off of graffiti, otherwise you're wack. Thats whats wrong with the art scene. At least in the graffiti community, you get dissed and put in your place for being an idiot.
  13. currently working on this
  14. diabolic post some more work no need for shit talk on either side in this thread. Its for ALL LEVELS of work. Get over it!
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