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Everything posted by Hayabusa

  1. one of 5 pieces for an upcoming show random one that did not make the cut
  2. im a hairy beast, but eh halloween tatts son
  3. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? good work yinz
  4. its all about being patient and taking ur time with things i think
  5. really digging that last one heres some stuff.. not mine
  6. bo that actually looks very sick. I think your work needs to hit a much bigger scale :)
  7. i would say rip off a great master in terms of subject matter but do it in your own style draw smaller scale and use a projector projecting to the wall to sketch out your rough lines
  8. i use system3 heavy bodied acrylics
  9. bo how big is that and how much did it go for?
  10. bro i dont mind if u post a price. it gives me an idea of how I should price shit. hah but yeh keep posting stuff i like. my fav aside from next is the dying one
  11. So ill be spending 8 days in Montreal Canaduh and around 4-5 days/nights after that in New York City. Going with the gf Any tips on staying alive in NYC and not going broke? What should we do and see in these places???
  12. the way ive made is as follows: 1 cup water add flour slowly and just break it up/stir with a spoon in the water mixture. Keep adding flour until the mixture won't take any more (until the flour wont break up/til its slightly chunky) in another bowl bring 1 cup of just water to a boil. when it boils, add the water-flour mixture. Stir constantly until the mixture gets thicker. If it gets too thick add more water, to thin, more flour. Stir it like that for a few minutes until it comes back to a boil and until the mixture is the consistency u want. done or you could just buy wall paper paste which is dirt cheap and already made
  13. slow progress... not looking forward to doing the suction cups heh
  14. lame. its like every city has at least 2-3 audrey kawasaki rip off artists.... josh keyes is dope tho
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