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  1. Shit is no joke,Im down for it though..I got mad love for every race..red,white,yellow,brown.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZnupp9jd4Y
  3. Dude gets kicked out of alot of places for being rowdy..better believe he is still shredding hard,hope that stuff doesnt get him kicked off deathwish..
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRRt8VqcbNA http://theberrics.com/dailyopspost.php?postid=1523 http://theberrics.com/dailyopspost.php?postid=1551
  5. Twuan KILLS IT in this part..so good.
  6. I could talk about this show for days.
  7. false..Ill do my shitty moves around anyone! tpbm uses facebook
  8. did you miss the "PRODUCT OF CANADA"??
  9. fuck i wish i could watch crailtap videos..for some reason the quicktime plugin wont download for me,any computer genius's know why this could be happening?
  10. false tpbm listens to pink floyd all the time
  11. true tpbm likes jay-z's "the black album"
  12. People should paint these cars more,they travel alot..and they dont have doors,so dont be scared,just paint big!
  13. Nice post..I was going to call you tardbox but lies beat me to the punch.
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