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  1. big ugly croe over kush anel and keptoe e2e...why would u bump that? shits weak
  2. Solid benching Alamo Maple Silk Etch Much Erupto Kwest Hbak Hot Carl Knistt
  3. lots of Zombies Aunr Bisket Oats Orelse Strike Token LM Ham Might Meals Kerse 27
  4. Resa on the rbox... I believe he has a part, painting that car in we ride by train 2. And aware been doin that face for years, doubt he used stencil for any of it....
  5. Flicks? The last of em were supposed to be scrapped in los angeles a couple months ago..
  6. You must not be looking hard enough...central california has one of the biggest bnsf yards, if you cant find santa fe flat reefers theres something wrong with you..And no its not safe to say you wont see a cold train either...I've seen 10 in the passed year, and ive only visited central california a few times...
  7. Liberation


    Lol, he stole it from the homies booty calls myspace... She looks goood for a mom tho AHAHAHAHAHAHa
  8. Mods, edit my last comment. This nestle car has not and will not be scrapped Its being kept and will most likely go to a railroad museum one day as this car is made from aluminum.
  9. ZoroeX2 Erupto Sarz Pier Fart Barf Duste Efurt
  10. Re: American WholeCar thread... Yeah no shit, your in europe im guessing where 4 people filling in with fats and have a can in each hand plus have a platform to stand on, obviously your going to get done quick. Try roller fill and outline
  11. Who ever shipped their vehicle on that flat car is out their mind! Those buses are money, gang of rail gear for tha come up in those things Atomik Kamoe Lopro Ower Arys Ich
  12. Nice, i notice a car in there.. Got the other side of one those ones layed up on that factory that just left California no too long ago.
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