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  1. cool shots indeed welcome to the board. as far as graffiti photo advice i've noticed the graffiti threads are full of photos people take with their phones and a lot of shit talking. if you have any questions about graf photography feel free to shoot me a message. it's mainly what i shoot. you can take a look at my graf photos if you want as well http://www.flickr.com/photos/loseryouthcrew
  2. thanks for the feedback on the situation guys. i've had a few days to calm down and i'm pretty over it now haha. i guess what really made me mad was like daily said there's only so many ways you can shoot a graffiti photo sometimes and that's what i was trying to explain to him, but he wasn't having it. also when i first got into shooting graffiti i really looked up to him as a photographer and even hit him up a few times via flickr to see if he wanted to go shoot and on a photo i took that was similar to his and even gave a link back to his photo, but i guess he forgot about those things. and you're right he's not the first to shoot graffiti the way he does it-it's not like he invented the style or whatever. in the end i'm gonna just keep doing my thing and haters are gonna continue to hate. on a cooler note i just got back from shooting some stuff out in nevada which i'm pretty stoked on. hopefully i can get them all edited and up sometime tomorrow. thanks again everyone for their opinions/advice on that situation. as always it's appreciated!
  3. so i have a question/rant for everyone. it's about drawing inspiration vs taking a shot that someone else may have taken at the same spot that's similar, etc if that makes any sense. this is kinda a long rant so sorry in advance haha. i started shooting graffiti about 4 years ago. what got me into it was a lived with a writer at the time and i would go out with him and try to paint, but i sucked, so i decided to document graffiti instead as i always liked photography as a hobby and had kinda gotten burned out on shooting punk and hardcore bands. so i got a camera and started documenting graffiti around where i live. at first i really sucked at it, but i took some classes learned more about my camera and started going out with other photographers i met through flickr and learning from them and drawing inspiration from one another. it was cool to see how different people shot the same thing you shot from a different angle, different exposure, etc. so today it's nice out and i don't have anything to do so i decide to drive around and see what's new graffiti wise in my area. i drove up on some people painting a legal wall, so i stopped and get out of my car with my camera and go up to the dudes painting and say hey what's up i'm so and so from flickr because a lot of graffiti dudes i've run into know my flickr account or whatever. so this one dude who's hanging out there turns to me and accuses me and my friend that i shoot with a lot of ripping off his photos. i'm like excuse me and he claims that we copy the exact photos he does blah blah blah. i try to explain that with graffiti in some spots you can only really shoot a piece or whatever a certain way and if you look on flickr there's like 10 people that will have the same photo, etc. dude doesn't wanna hear it. he basically keeps telling me i copy him and i need to get my own style, etc. i tell him i'm sorry if he feels that way and i'm def not trying to copy his style or whatever and that when i got into shooting graffiti i was inspired by him, etc but still dude was a huge prick about it and just walked away. it's funny because i totally understand where he's coming from. graffiti can be competitive in the sense you see a spot and you haven't seen it on flickr yet and you wanna flick it and post it before 10 other people have or before the spot is gone. i don't know i'm just pretty pissed as a photographer i'm def trying to be original with my photos and do my own thing. i don't think it's a bad thing to draw inspiration from someone else. the reason i got into shooting bands was because i saw glen e. friedman's photos and was blown away. sorry for the rant. i'm just really pissed off about it right now. i'm a nice dude and it takes a lot to get me angry and that def did. and for anyone that cares you can look at my photos and dudes photos and let me know what you think... http://www.flickr.com/photos/loseryouthcrew http://www.flickr.com/photos/gypsyrock/
  4. got kinda burned out on shooting, so i took a little break and then went out the other day... also I have a Tumblr now and I'm posting photos that I might not post on Flickr if you wanna follow me I'll follow you back-www.walteryetman.tumblr.com
  5. pear showing some love for revok...
  6. digital... pentax 645 with kodak film that expired in the 90's...
  7. ohmygosh those photos are sick. i wish there was some stuff like that around where i live.
  8. thanks for the love IOU and onnod!!!!!:):):):)
  9. i know it's a graffiti photo, but i just think it came out awesome looking with the water in the background and all...
  10. wafflecake-what ISO were you at for those? i love the grain. i've tried shooting at higher ISO's for a similar effect, but they always wind up looking like shit. and come to california for a visit. i'll take you to some yards :p
  11. scanned my first roll from the pentax 645. unfortunately a lot of the photos were either too noisy or slightly out of focus, but these 2 came out decent. can't wait to shoot with it more and get better at using it...
  12. got back my first roll from my pentax 645. negatives look pretty good i'll hopefully get them scanned and posted on here tomorrow. in the mean time here's some new stuff from the D80... it started raining as i was exposing this one, so excuse the drops on the lens. i like the way it came out anyway...
  13. digging those film photos mn1 fuckos!!!!!!!!!!:)
  14. bought a pentax 645 today. pretty hyped to finally have a good medium format to shoot with. anyone else on here have any experience with that camera?
  15. just checked out that blog it's pretty dope. will def be bookmarking.
  16. thanks for the comments everyone! yeah i'm kinda new to trying to do "portraits" and i probably should have used a flash to bring more light to his face, but for some reason i still like the way it looks. digging the photos by justchill on this page :p
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