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  1. so i started a new flickr account for my non graffiti and music shots if anyone wants to add me as a contact it's http://www.flickr.com/photos/walteryetman. here's some shots from that account. i figured it's time to start shooting other stuff as i'm wearing out all my graffiti spots and there's no good shows i wanna shoot coming up. anyway a few from this weekend.... not sure if i like this one or not.... this last one might not be SFW just a heads up. it's a dead cat photo....
  2. took this one tonight and i like it and i don't like it all at the same time if that makes any sense. i like how the lights kinda came out all trippy looking. i don't like it because i wish you could see the graffiti a little bit better. any opinions on it are great.
  3. pear has been killing oakland lately. all from my flickr...
  4. i really dig the one of the dude with the spray can-the second one not the first one. i'm kinda like you in the sense that i started shooting graffiti as a hobby and now i like doing it even more-coming up with new ways to make graffiti shots to look interesting instead of just a straight shot at a wall.
  5. the water one annoys you? weird. i guess i can see that. it's funny because i posted it like an hour ago on flickr and it's hardly gotten any views while the one right below it which is a pretty generic graffiti photo already has like 50 haha. oh well. glad you like the other one though.
  6. 2 decent ones from today... checking to make sure the coast is clear.... abandoned warehouses plus graffiti plus puddles make good photos....
  7. i really really like that red doorway/brick photo. the wheelchair photo creeps me the fuck out, but in a good way. not really feeling that last one with the car driving down the street for some reason, but that's just me. what kind of camera, etc are you shooting with?
  8. cool thanks for the advice guys. i'm going out with a photo friend tomorrow night and i'll have to mess around with my f stops and see how they come out. anyway i shot photos of hour of the wolf last night. here are some good ones from that...
  9. waffle-usually 3.5-5.6 most of the time. it's really not a huge deal as what i wanna shoot is usually in focus, but the stuff on the edges is slightly out of focus. you can't really notice it unless you zoom way in on the picture. thanks for the info though. and ohmygosh i'm digging all those shots. i miss exploring in the woods and finding stuff like that.
  10. so i noticed while editing some photos today that some stuff in the corners of my photos are out of focus. generally i shoot most stuff in auto focus. anyone know what the problem would be that's causing this? i shoot with a d80 and a tamron 10-24 mm lens.
  11. so i'm starting to mess with long night exposures since it's getting dark so early these days. took this one earlier tonight and would like some feedback on it. i believe it was about a 10 minute exposure
  12. if you're talking about the photo i just posted it's not faded. it was sunny out and the sun washed out some of the white when i took the picture. when i edit the close up i'll post it hopefully it will look better and not so washed out.
  13. yeah if him locking up the bike was after the first shot it would def be better. i like the way it tells a story though keep up the good work!
  14. had a night shooting session with some friends last night. this was probably my favorite shot out of the bunch.
  15. ah ok i see what you're saying. i guess i don't take photos of getting in/out of buildings because i find out about a lot of spots via writers who ask me not to post too many details on flickr as they don't want the spots blown up. but next time i go out with some writers i'll be sure to take more photos like that you're right it def would make for more interesting shots.
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