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Everything posted by loseryouthcrew

  1. that scream mask is pretty creepy-nice one.
  2. benched this the other day. can anyone tell me who's to the left of RMS? thanks!
  3. thanks leland! i was trying to get the fog in the background of that second one to make it even more dope, but it didn't come out.
  4. Oof that sucks for that dude. I'd imagine that's gonna cost a lot to get the Lambo fixed. Also I didn't know you live in SF. I'm in Oakland we should maybe meet up and shoot sometime?
  5. digging that photo with the spray paint cans and the leaves!
  6. for sure. i wish the crowd was more into it. i just liked the picture because it's a good shot of the dude singing. i def am gonna step my game up this year and do more crowd photos and not just photos of the band playing. my dad sent me his old canon FT as he knew i was looking for a film camera to start shooting with again. i finished a roll yesterday and took it to get put on a CD got it home and the CD says it doesn't have images on it. took it back to the place that did it and they checked on 2 computers and the images were on there. so weird. thinking about investing in a film scanner, so i don't need to worry about that happening more. also does anyone on here with an iPhone use instagram? if you do follow me i'm trying to get better about posting pictures on there. my username is walteryetman.
  7. graffiti related, but I took this last night and I'm stoked on how it came out....
  8. can anyone tell me who this is? caught it benching a few weeks ago. thanks...
  9. some pictures from a show I went to last night... Skin Like Iron The Men Nomos
  10. from stuff from today.... me and some photographer friends got into an abandoned ice skating rink... digging those shots from load limit and that rough road sign. my dad just sent me his old canon FT which I started shooting with today. The first half of the roll isn't gonna come out as my friend was looking at the camera and pointed out I had been shooting on bulb. Ugh. Trial and error I guess. I'm stoked to be shooting film again though.
  11. thanks again for the feedback mayor i really appreciate it!
  12. that shot about the bird shot was for Lopem by the way.
  13. ah gotcha. and I shot that with a nikon d80 with a tamron 10-24mm lens. and i'm glad you like it. that bird shot you posted rules as well!
  14. thanks! I'm not sure I really did anything to the first one-I shoot with a wide angle so if I did anything with lens distortion I must have done it on accident haha. And yeah that lesson #1 thing had me cracking up when I saw it.
  15. what ones do you want to use? shoot me an email at walteryetman@gmail.com and we'll talk.
  16. thanks dude and yeah i don't think that was iz the wiz. believe me if it was i would have gone in for a closer shot!
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