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  1. All funny stuff aside, Do any of you see Graffiti surviving the globalization. Just look at the decline of Fresh Full color productions, or Bombs compared to ten or twenty years ago. There's less writers putting in work than there used to be and I'm excluding European writers.
  2. Dam I'm kind of worried about anyone who stays in on a saturday night.Particularly the 12oz audience. I'm assuming that most of you are that percentage of the population who questions authority, breaks the law so to speak.Best of all, the worst(best) of you don't regard any sympathy when doing graffiti. You guys deserve a reward for your efforts for "getting up".So I shouldn't be wrong to deduct that you people carry a sense of pride for talents that noone regards as productive skills. But where are we taking this culture?
  3. all i see are nothing but toys, and cops ....
  4. Re: Nirvana Vs. Pearl Jam PEarl JAm for Longevity EVENFLOW
  5. Well, Well, Well, Look what north korea is doing testing out there new Missiles...They are sending a message to the world that they are here and wont take shit from no one. PREDICTION: MEXICO GOES COMMIE VENEZUELA BACKS THEM UP IRAN IS ON THE SAME BAN WAGGON' NUCLEAR THREATS IN ABOUT 6-9 years
  6. Re: 12oz theme song? the barney song jk
  7. Alright Lastweek: Somegirl told me that next time we meet we gotta bone. Im like sure right on! Today: I see her she glances at me smiles and goes to her aprtment, I stop by to say Hi nothing happend so i tried to at least get a kiss...she resisted so i leave no hard feelings .... she looked like she was luaghing about the situation too.... Like five mintues ago: Her friend comes up to me pissed as hell talking bout leave her alone im big time stalker...WTF?
  8. its has nothign to do with love
  9. If you wanna here the story vote for it
  10. that battery better entertain me or something if it costs 50.00 bucks, you know what im saying?
  11. welcome to america, where everyone is afraid to love
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