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  1. Stay in little havana...dont let me see you in the yards. :scrambled:
  2. OHH so he was alone, and you still didnt grow the balls to be the GANGSTAHS that you are. dont play yourself....cus your just digging your own grave.
  3. mother fucker, Im the real deal... I dont give two shits who you know,what you claim,or what you own. Scrap ???? fuck a scrap...youll disappear.
  4. i bet soduh was alone... an you still didnt lay a finger on him. You know what if it was you alone...I wouldnt hesitate.
  5. wow, i know im talking to a moron....
  6. face it you suck and your whole sorry ass click, stop bombing & learn how to do graffiti.
  7. guy you just played yourself...If you say your the shit, then why'd you hesistate? Guy thats what seperates the men from the boys...I dont hesitate.
  8. tell me if you can see that?
  9. what the fuck is wrong with you? lol who cares biachT?
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