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  1. http://static.flickr.com/93/211905842_9a21cf9593.jpg?v=0
  2. stay fly is about to meet his maker....WOAH
  3. dude anybody with eyes can tell the majority of this page is pura mierda.....that coke looks real weak too. keep sniffin that acetone buddy...
  4. gnarls Barkley Crazy " I think your CRAZY"
  5. Bump the following; all in backwards order BASH HARSHx2 ALOT17x2 C.45 CHISMEx2 ZINK MBER BRIZOx2 FUNK This has been p.s.a brought to by the k.b.t
  6. big up KBTC EPC all the 17 GANG ONE SEVEN SOULJAZZZ -MCEE PR.ONE 2666
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