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  1. yo notforsale thats actually the link to your album......might wanna edit that post....
  2. The Eighth Amendment forbids some punishments entirely, and forbids some punishments that are excessive when compared to the crime.
  3. odoil

    Knitbats: Tease your hair, volume and shit...

    are you talking about the mike judge collection? is it worth buying?
  4. odoil

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    an ad on the radio.......
  5. i used to listen to choking victim alot..........infested is a good song
  6. odoil

    The Great Photography Superthread

    a damn cool picture!
  7. odoil

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    danger doom - el chupa nibre
  8. calm the fuck down i never once said i took those pictures someone asked if i flicked the rest of that katsu freight and all i said was no i dont have it. put your dick back in your mouth and shut the fuck up! :hatred: :hatred: and theres another smilie for you
  9. odoil

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    notorious b.i.g - juicy
  10. dope flicks akuzation, this thread needed em.
  11. odoil

    the real world sucks...but...

    her right eye looks bigger than her left eye
  12. wow an underwear vending machine.