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Everything posted by whofarted

  1. elotes hear and that big ass Tre.
  2. its called shouting out people you're cool with or giving props to someone who had some dope shit in the thread.... its called a "forum" for a reason.
  3. ELOTES RIDL OMENS KERSE TRE nice post chill with the self promo hating....you'd be surprsed but some writers actually dont give a fuck about the 12oz. fame and just like to paint.
  4. BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED?!?!?.... NOOO... someone please repost. fuck '06.
  5. nice post. Resto Guer and that last floating hidden piece on that chrome holy roller is Flex(chicago)
  7. yo zeb get at me...time to handle business.
  8. whofarted


    thats WIVES shit is looking proper.
  9. BUIK RIVER and that AWOL at the end.
  10. why even admit its your face thats posted?
  11. there was this one time, crae fucked this bitch.
  12. round here we call that sigh and arys an end2end. whole cars = top to bottom end 2 end. Goner Ichabod Rumor
  13. BEST POST IN A WHILE! bump for the homie KERSE. crae wyse HEIST and that DESI... oh, and my nigga OHDE. ill post!
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