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Everything posted by whofarted

  1. kerse kwest and sight came off fresh.
  2. never heard of this dude till now....impressive shit.
  3. yea another bump for that PRAE....shit is definitely hot.
  4. ELOTES CITY WYSE MPOWER and a bunch of other good shit.
  5. THIS IS ALL FALSE. fucking toys need to stop with the bullshit gossip.
  6. someone should delete this now.
  7. i wouldnt do it... but its fun to see rolling by.
  8. bump for all the chicago cats repping hard on the steel this page! ZEB CYST KRAM TEMPER ETHER JARE
  9. bump for the old school DC5 by shred.
  10. MORGAN! omens sist navy8 and that KAPUT IS HOT!
  11. is this the same TSL as the one with Stel,Life,Pores?
  12. definitely one of the all time greats.
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