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  1. Post some Cyfer shit... enough freights... leave that for metalheads.
  2. whofarted


    Probably a cool guy, but if he DESERVED his own thread... this page would be filled with flicks, not talking. Fuck2006
  3. idiots, that is not 1UP from chi and that is not a CAB roller next to it. that big character is done with spray paint by Os Gemeos...
  4. eeeee that linus is sick
  5. negro revise asend kerse a bunch of others... ridiculous post.
  6. bump for homie ROLLER COASTER still rollin on that scrap.
  7. wyse omens kerse tre and that kuma is really dope.
  8. wyse pushing that DOS now huh... thats dope.
  9. you're talking about that rooftop in CHICAGO. someone's gotta have a flick of that... it was up for long time.
  10. uh...yea. besides that hence... there's nothing else.
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