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  1. the has been who never was. Hit me back peoples if your still in town.
  2. no they don't taste particularly good, given their diet and environment. You don't get much yield off them either. Best to let them be and look prehistorically awesome.
  3. SWIMS


    Power to the people in the streets in Egypt. The end of this government.... ma sallam
  4. RIP Professor Fr. Boileau of Uptown. A man who did many good things on the streets of New Orleans.
  5. Pork Stock Pork aspic for terrines Ribs for kitchen Loin and T Loin (brined.pan roasted). oyster mushrooms. peach snauce Braised trotter cakes.grebiche.pickeled carrots Head Cheese.mustard.fennel salad.crustinis poached and fried brain. pate choux gnocchi. hen mushrooms. sage brown butter shoulder, cure.roasted, pulled. tartine (open faced sand).beet greens.aoli.gastrosexual sauce confit belly.leeks.mustard vin tarragon sausage.lentils. arugala fennel salad. fennel pistou pates and terrines as seen above smooth pork liver terrine Bacon, lardo head to toe 5% waste or less.
  6. all the fliks are all from my restaurant or things I have done at home. The dishes above are what I have served on my line station recently. + a note on fried chicken No need to double bread, you end up with an extra layer of fried crisp that will sog the chicken skin and get away from that crisp that incorporates the outer layer of the chx, the skin, and the batter. Try adding your spices to the buttermilk marinade, or brine the chx first ( use 20 to 1 water to salt) as a base ratio adding whatever spices and aromatics. a dash of baking powder will help the skin pop. no need to bake in between, the best fried chicken is well brined or marinaded then battered and fried with well seasoned binder and flour then served after resting to drain and crisp.
  7. Four day duck.chambord yellow rasin duck demi.sweet potato spatzle blue crab.beets foie.brioche.blackberries. squab.turnips.mustard greens mussels.crawfish shrimp stock.shallots.saffron.garlic.wine
  8. fresh catch Pan roast pine nut, nasturtium pesto, beans bourbon myer lemon brown butter fine herb cous cous the food so nice they named it twice
  9. Beyond The High Himalayas
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