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Everything posted by xmyrtlex

  1. that gs sicks phone armn is the deal
  2. gs sicks phone and that june oiler car is fire
  3. xmyrtlex


    paint, take picture, post on 12oz repeat
  4. xmyrtlex


    stolen from the euro freight thread...
  5. xmyrtlex


    paint train, take picture, post on 12oz
  6. lol couldnt have said it any better
  7. very nice post as always nice flicks
  8. xmyrtlex


    sarz awal cheaaaaaaaa
  9. brizo them bnsf icicles ae fuckin trashed
  10. HEIST...RIP tead plenty more to go around nice post
  11. resp juse ridle and TCI always bring the fire
  12. crow garde phone ridle very nice flicks as always
  13. crank nase fume frei nice flicks as always
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