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Everything posted by xmyrtlex

  1. xmyrtlex


    misery and hedake doin there thang steady on the grind
  2. you beat me to it.....nice post as always
  3. The steel E still holdin on strong....nice post
  4. Do not i mean DO not join dont do it to yourself im in right now 3 years down 12 months to go before im out i say and i cant say it enough dont do it to yourself go to school
  5. damn very nice ridle show2 crow live that intel and isto car.. TCI straight killin it
  6. xmyrtlex


    HEIST...RIP glad its still running old bryer and ether to
  7. xmyrtlex


    why whould you post a sicker and leder train in here
  8. xmyrtlex


    crow and acet pushin um out and the weak ass etc diss on the crow with a mean streak bahaha
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