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  1. i hope all of you get a chance to see Rich Mahogany. NY video. some great locals. plus jack sabbic and jake johnson and eli reed, and of course zerred bassit, ,h yes.
  2. beer and shrooms make for an amazing night on the boat.
  3. apply directly to the fingers
  4. its all about the paper. go to the interview and see what u get payed.. they explain it to ur new bozz and sometimes the boss will raise ur pay to what the other job offered.. happened to me once. worth a try.
  5. EEEEEE whenz killin it.
  6. i know your not done.. but your SUUUUCCCCHHHHHHH AAAA PUUUSSSSAAAYYYYY!!! stie.
  7. i love to eat fried chicken at the spot and smoke blunts.
  8. who's got them flicks from scribble this year? shit was hot
  9. its alright. just get piece by piece. its like an updated version of MM
  10. i did shit my pants and puke on my keyboard when i saw that cryo. get off the lines.
  11. this is fucking retarded. you dont just get on a crew because you ask. you have to be seen and have up's and get recognized. fuck.
  12. just one fine ass bitch plus 3 other fine ass hoes? all doing tattoos?? yea, hell yea ima watch
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