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  1. props to anyone who's heard this one... UZI SUICIDE - TRAIN CRUSH JUNKIE
  2. im bored so why not post some flicks...some old, some new ish. i'll say when im done. enjoy
  3. if you wanna kill yourself listen to GRIEF
  4. hahah soo bad....although caninus did a split with cattle decapitation
  5. theres a lot of good "metal" bands but way too much crap. bands worth listening to (not limiting it to just METAL, but influences) cryptopsy, suffocation, dying fetus, skinless, YOB, necrophagist, napalm death, morbid angel, noothgrush, man is the bastard, brainoil, cruevo, sleep, monarch!, grief, moss, asunder, dystopia, loaded for bear, hombrinus dudes, endless blockade, wake up on fire, gorguts, eyehategod, etc blah blah blah bands not worth listening to because they suck: manowar, rhapsody, dragon force, any other epic metal band....lame
  6. a lot of metal is good, unfortunately most of its following is dominated by nerds.
  7. yeah i think this thread makes me hate digital cameras again..
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