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  1. shes definatly a whore when she lets 4 dudes run a train on her at her local gas station.
  2. bump the fuck out of that MFG shit
  3. that pic is great! and yea, building a fence to block sight of tankers can really stop a terrorist (or anyone for that matter) from getting on google earth and finding every main transport line all over the US. ahhhhhhhh the government amuses me
  4. bump the fuck outta that train!
  5. a guy i know will stop/make other people stop if he sees roadkill and stick his hand under one of its arms. if its still warm he will gut it on the scene and take it back home. i cant see eating roadkill myself but to each their own.
  6. mine was sore today as well. got a infection in it, had a surgery on it, never been the same since, probly never will. bah
  7. theres a place out around my way called danny jr's. pancakes so big they use a pizza paddle to flip them. if you can finish 3 you get your meal for free. there dam good
  8. every time i go down to the river front hotel i see that bridge haha. after i left my lawyers office today i drove across the bridge actually. and if im not mistaken, he was also drunk as a skunk when it was done.
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