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  1. shes definatly a whore when she lets 4 dudes run a train on her at her local gas station.
  2. bump the fuck out of that MFG shit
  3. that pic is great! and yea, building a fence to block sight of tankers can really stop a terrorist (or anyone for that matter) from getting on google earth and finding every main transport line all over the US. ahhhhhhhh the government amuses me
  4. bump the fuck outta that train!
  5. a guy i know will stop/make other people stop if he sees roadkill and stick his hand under one of its arms. if its still warm he will gut it on the scene and take it back home. i cant see eating roadkill myself but to each their own.
  6. mine was sore today as well. got a infection in it, had a surgery on it, never been the same since, probly never will. bah
  7. theres a place out around my way called danny jr's. pancakes so big they use a pizza paddle to flip them. if you can finish 3 you get your meal for free. there dam good
  8. every time i go down to the river front hotel i see that bridge haha. after i left my lawyers office today i drove across the bridge actually. and if im not mistaken, he was also drunk as a skunk when it was done.
  9. Thats what i got super pissed about, the dam bitch knew! Well she wanted to know why I didnt wanna have sex with her no more. And after about 2 months of not gettin any sorts of sexual with her I just finally came out and told her. Your box fuckin stinks. I proceeded to ask her how she DIDNT know about it and she was all "well I kinda knew but didnt care because I wanted it" I tripped on that bitch and she had the nerve to ask why I was mad at her. So I just kept telling her how horrible the experience was till she just stopped talking to me. It was a fucked up experience that will NEVER happen again. Least I lived to see another day and now with a new story to go along with it. Although, I wish it never had happened
  10. See I did'nt even think of that. I'm generally a nice guy and did'nt want to make a akward situation, even if that meant filling her ass crack with projectile style vomit in the end. Luckly it did'nt come down to that. And trust me after that i'll NEVER do that shit again. I tried havin some good old fasion intercourse with her like a week later, thinking maybe she was clean now. Go figure soon as I get a few pumps in I was gagging. My head was right next to hers and im thinking as she is moaning away "how does she NOT smell herself?". So I just stopped and told her I had to do some shit I completly forgot about, rushed her out the door, then proceeded to strip to the bathroom and jump in the shower. I scrubbed myself like soap was going out of style telling myself i'm sorry. It was that bad. Needless to say I never messed with her again after that.
  11. I enjoy eating the box myself. I went down on this chick with a horrible yeast infection. As I was half way down there the smell hit me, but it was to late, I was already on the way. After about 1 min my room was full of that nasty fish in a tin can smell, but I stuck it out like a champ. It's hard to just look up and say "excuss me, but you smell like rotting horse down here and i'm gagging and can't do this". I was just happy I could keep my dry heaving and gagging to a minimum and silent.
  12. DKbmx836

    Head On!

    but what if you have a fivehead? hmmmm
  13. DKbmx836

    Head On!

    im soooo sick of that dam head on commercial on the weather channel constantly. and i NEVER knew what it was for till i read this thread. it has cleared up a lot of things for me APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FORHEAD!
  14. you wouldnt happen to know who was between that seak and mfone would ya, i didnt see the pic of it in the post and it will bug me will i figured it out
  15. wait.....what did todd do? :D
  16. party robot, that can laying behind the turtle at quick glance looks like a dam penis. id advise switching that up some.
  17. i know your not claiming pittsburgH PA and forgetting that H better stop with all that nonsence
  18. exactly! ive painted standing in a good 3ft of water before. if the current isnt strong, its no problem. fuck ive swam threw streams to get to spots before. just remember to not wear your brand new kicks that night and its straight :D
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