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  1. Size probably doesnt give a shit Kose blasted over one of his old spaghetti piece to be quite honest.
  2. This is between Asic and Crow, nobody brought your name or your crew into it.
  3. Nobody was capping your shit from ETC after you and Asic talked on the phone and agreed it was between you two and not ETC as a collective. Youre fucking pathetic Crow, youre playing yourself.
  4. I thought the same thing at first.. but its someone else from Ohio. I thought it was funny the female acet would go from doing nice pieces with themo to ho-hum trains with crow
  5. this proved nothing, the trede is on the other side of the car
  6. You nailed it on the head, Asic never touched a Crow panel.. he even told him he wouldnt, he voiced his opinion and that was it.
  7. WAS is the key word.. RIP pink pather car
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