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  1. toggle

    i hate boston

    some clown there shorted me 3 cans once. After purchasing the paint i walked 5 feet, put the grocery bag they just gave me down to count. "yo dude, I paid you for X cans, i only got X" to which his response was a shrug and "cant do nothing for you":clown3:
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rql-El4pvJM&feature=related so FUCKING dope.
  3. no teacher's cursive would look like that. i agree with whoever else called bullshit on this one.
  4. park looks fun, i think i'll roll through. the skating however...
  5. no. im not. you've posted your sketches in paperchase.
  6. me? or e-nigg? I certainly wouldnt be doing that shit, thats for damn sure.
  7. you forgot about painting on schools... i took a long walk the other day, and apparently thats your sort of thing.
  8. The last dream I remember I was kicking it with Tony Soprano who was wearing a Pokemon themed Led Zeppelin t-shirt. We smoked blunts and drove around a shopping center parking lot throwing items out the car everytime we made a full circle... weird shit.
  9. 3d that actually makes sense is so played......:p
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