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  1. OK, so it's obvious HANK caught on from what we can see at the end of the last episode. Think back a couple episodes when WALT called MIKE and warned him that the cops were coming for him while he was at the park with grandchild....WALT just loves to place warning calls now doesn't he? You may also remember how HANK was warned right before the brothers were coming to slay him in the DEA parking lot... ""2 MEN ARE COMING TO KILL YOU IN 1 MINUTE."" yeah, there was a voice changer but come on, it had to be WALT that warned him.... So, to sum it up, HANK owes WALT his life wouldn't you say??????!!!!????
  2. THIS. HAHAHA yessss Stringer. AND how about Todd keeping the stupid tarantula??? Kids prints inside the jar??????
  3. I thought when Hank referred to 'Philly' he was talking about the wife beater incident? Hank tried to use it as dirt on him when Mike was at DEA
  4. nice tits… but she looks like one of the little frame white girls that can't take a cock… fuck with latinas… latinas do it better
  5. "Johnny Tight Lips, Do you know who shot you??" "I aint sayin' nothin'…"
  6. Stupid sheeple… glad I never even watched the whole documentary
  7. I would help out & scratch that pussy… Even when my dog can't reach a itch, I help… It's nice to help our pets
  8. Is the fat black man putting the cigs in his left pocket??? Fk that… how did jesse get the pack later at the hospital…. GUS killed the kid… "WHO DO U KNOW WHO'S OKAY WITH KILLING KIDS JESSIE??!!"
  9. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=breaking+bad+413&aq=f SNEAK 1 There was another sneak peak but I can't find it… It was just a quick minute of WALT running up to GUS' car and taking off the bomb that was underneath, then he enters the hospital, the magnet on the bomb sticks to the door of the elevator LOL sits down next to Jesse in hospital, then its over…. FUCKING TEASE
  10. Is that an Italian flag? GUIDO'S!!!!! We're saved!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Role Reversal….. Jesse is enjoying spending quality time with "family"… Walt, on the other hand, Let a silly whore play with his money & is experiencing the blow back effect…. Funny to see Jesse trying to enjoy family & Walt self destructing...
  12. You will prop me for this…..IT INVOLVES ASIANS AND BULLET PROOF GLASS…. SO GOOD I SENT IT TO TOSH.O… Be patient it gets good 30 seconds in…. P.S. I'm not a chink, that asian writing always amazes me
  13. That's funny because I have seen every single episode… I've been there since the first body was dissolved in acid, ya little queer. You & the other fag complaining that how the car is ridiculous & how it's "$80,000"…. The car wasn't even an "SS" type… Meaning its JUST a 40,000 car…. That's a big difference… Stop actin' like SKYLER you little bitches complaining of an EVERYDAY car…..
  14. Worse of a car? What would make you happy? Some rice burner or lil acura maybe? You sicken me...
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