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  1. wise, are you from europe? (only reason i ask is because of the paint colors & the style you use..)
  2. the new kwest is looking nice
  3. eL. oH. eL. @ "Jewish American Princess" :haha: :haha:
  4. dead sentiment


    sobriety doesnt have to be boring, you just have to occupy yourself with interesting, productive things. i.e. reading, working out, girls, drawing, painting.. it could also help to surround yourself by people who engage in said healthy activities...
  5. i've been catching ALot of this guy's stuff lately... rip.
  6. miami (hialeah specifically) drivers are some of the worst in the world..
  7. photobucket-bandwidthexceeded= toy.
  8. the thing is, that you dont really do shit when you're drunk that you dont want to do, unless you blackout... like when i get drunk, i talk a lot more, and louder... i tend to lose any notion of "don't write on that" or "that doesnt belong to you." i'll talk to total strangers. i also tend to break things... point being: when you're drunk, its like a release of whatever was holding you back from things normally.. you ignore what you're not supposed to do and do it because you want to... i think people try to use alcohol as an excuse.
  9. i dont think fat is unattractive just because of the way people look from being overweight, i think it's unattractive because what it says about the person.. either they have no self-control with eating, no discipline to keep themselves in shape, they dont care about their health, or they're ignorant enough not to know.... at the same time, it's just a matter of preference. i could see being disgusted with sex if it was a really bad experience, or if you find out the person you had sex with wasnt who they claimed to be (ie a transexual, a pathological liar).. you at least consented to have sex with this girl knowing that you thought she was "fat" before the act occured. you were obviously attracted to her enough to have sex with her. she obviously turned you on somehow... i think you're just upset cuz you're attracted to someone who doesn't fit your (or other peoples) typical standard of beauty. don't be scurred.
  10. my cell phone fell in a puddle & i have no insurance on it & no $ to get another one... at least i didnt get arrested.
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