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  1. yeah i feel you symbols i live real close to dc and i go to bmore all the time. definately both violent cities i think bmore is a little rougher though... screw the pepper spray and go straight to taser style.
  2. In 2 days i will be the proud owner of this bad boy Heres the specs... damn good for what i paid for it: Operation: Electric Select fire: Semi / Full Auto Muzzle velocity: 260 fps w/ .2g Effective range: 120-130 feet Rate of fire: 800 RPM Ammo type: KSC .2g or .25g Hop Up: Adjustable Weight: 4 / 4.25 lbs (A5/A4) Magazine capacity: 150 / 500 rds Length: 19.5, 21.5, 25.5 / 26.5 In (A5/A4) Battery: Mini Type 8.4v Motor: EG700 equivalent Comes with orange tip
  3. i hope the cops keep catching these kids like this... sounds like a pretty good way to weed out all the dumb fucking toys. i could give a shit if some dumb kids get pulled cause they want a little prestige in they're little internet world. go cops.
  4. yeah like i felt really nerdy when i bought one of these at walmart but i took it home and fucked around with it and had a blast, then i felt even nerdier, but then i checked out some of these sites from england, and japan. but this is like a real sport over there. aparently due to the fact that in japan there is a ban on personal fire arms these company's bought the right to use the exact designs of real guns (smith and wesson, dessert eagle, etc) and use them to make them exremely realistic replicas. so the japanese joe shmoe can enjoy what we take for advantage over here. im stepping up and purchacing a pro quality gun tonight... im not spending $400 dollars or nothing though... here check this site out. The vedeos on it are fucking hilarious. Shorty USA
  5. we're talking a BIG house... and they have like 3 acres surounding it... i get paid today, im not sure whether to get an MP5 or an AK-47... give it up for real life video games!
  6. you mean it was built just for airsoft?... yeah im looking for a good fieild right now.
  7. yeah but ill go to jail if i shoot my friends with it
  8. yeah mine too... my girlfriend hates it cause she always has to vacume up all the bb's
  9. Okay its alot like paintball exept a little cheaper and no paint... basicly you have these guns that are exact replicas of real guns.(exept the required orange tipped barrel in the US) i know these have been around for a long time but i just now disovered them.(behind the times) so anyway me and about 15 of my friends all got some cheap beginners guns and took them to a house thats in the middle of being built. we had two teams of eight, eight of us held down the house and the other eight infiltrated the house... it was a fucking blast! im all covered in welts.(those guns have a vilocity of 350 feet per second) so yeah, anyone else fuck with these things? oh by the way these are mine: yeah they are cheap ones but im pretty sure im going to be getting some nice ones soon.
  10. what the hell is wrong with you people? So do you get down with duran duran or WHAM? sheesh
  11. well i get to go to sleep with a clean conciense... yep... squeeky clean... good night
  12. okay so this isnt her, but i found a picture of a drunk girl pissing herself that looks very similar:
  13. you do have a good point yuck. i love my girl and i wouldnt cheat. but when your drunk and this girl is throwing hersellf on me, its hard to be moral.
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