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  1. a few pages back someone was talking about pulling the swirly part out of the kiwi nib, do that but if you want to be on the safer side(no leakage) cut a small piece of felt into the bottom and make it so it stays and then all you have to do is squeeze a tiny bit and you have perfect drips
  2. haha cheers shai, the good ol ounce was missing you words of wisdom
  3. so you reckon fiebings and some dot 3 maybe mixed with a little sanford stamp pad( the shit with the warning logos in yellow) would work nicely? and can you get fiebings in australia?
  4. yo sparo pm me i still havnt got that shit you sent!
  5. man this thread is fucking ruined
  6. but still no man deserves to die under capital punishment, except terrorists
  7. i dont know whether to let him rest in peace or not to because he pretty much havok in america for creating the crips which in turn itself has killed many many people so is tookie a good person or a bad person?
  8. drips with a flow pen whats your tricks?
  9. ohh and for the horror fans has anyone seen le cannibal holocaust? probably the most fucked up shit ive ever seen true story as well its about a group of filmers who goto this island in south america and get mutilated by cannibals really really gory its banned in 19 countrys even in australia where pretty much anything goes, have a look for it i know you can download it somwhere
  10. milfhunter! american history x resovoir dogs
  11. zeberfucking-DEE haha fuckin stornch film loved it very brutal
  12. whats the song that goes "killer queens killer killer queens"? and that im a warrior song cheers
  13. looks cool for a flickthrough but maybe after looking at it once or twice it would loose its greatness
  14. yeah the movie is alright im with most on cut out the interviews, but still theres better films
  15. stickers nevermind the handstyle ones jus testing a new simple style
  16. yeaah thats enough, lets keep this going
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