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  1. where in michaels did you find that? i also wanna go pick one up.
  2. yea thats chicago, which happens to be where i stay.
  3. really nice idea about griptape around the marker. useful for preparing the surface and have some added grip for the marker. i think im going to look into that for sure. also, is there even really any point for me to add that little bit of brakefluid everytime i refill the ink? man i really hope you start up a little online ink store. im sure id be interested in just about everything you would stock. if theres anything i can help you with to get it goin, let me know. and yea, i can definitely get down with some broken hope. other bands im really into are origin, psycroptic, disavowed, deeds of flesh, krisiun, etc etc... graff and metal is kind of a rare mix i suppose. PS - whats your take on this? looks like garvey to me but was wondering what you thought. thats the kinda stain i could live with :)
  4. ok, i got a few questions about garvey (probably aimed at shai but anyone with knowledge on the subject is welcome to chime in). first of all, my mix is just straight garvey and a couple of drops of brake fluid per marker. ive been strictly hitting stations and insides with this recently (just finally got my hands on some garvey not too long ago). at one station i hit bare metal and a painted surface. i rolled by it the next day and it had a buff attempt thrown at it but was still very visible. i rolled by it a few days later and both were completely gone. the metal is clean and the painted surface is clean (doesnt even appear to have been painted over, just buffed). is that normal? when people talk about garvey staining so hard, is that for only one buff attempt? oh, and since this was a subway station, i know sunlight couldnt have affected anything. as for train insides, i have yet to recatch any of my shit yet but im hoping garvey holds up better on the plastic surfaces found inside the train. i had an idea today and wanted to ask if you have done it before and if it sounds like something that might help with permanence. what if i was to use sandpaper or something to scour the plastic surface before hitting it? would it help it to sink in deeper and make it harder to completely buff? perhaps thats overkill, but i am just unsure how garvey will hold up after seeing how fast it was gone at the stations. one last question... whats the minimum drying time for garvey on various surfaces? by minimum, i mean whats the minimum for it to stain pretty decently? i assume that could have been a factor with the buffed station i talked about but id also just like to know for the hell of it. thanks to anyone with info.
  5. nuke, site looks good so far. personally, id love to see you carry some of the more exotic (foreign) stuff such as inks.
  6. hopefully this isnt a completely retarded question, but ive done extensive reading/searching of this forum and cant seem to find the answer im looking for. my question is: is it ok to put Marsh T-grade ink in a plastic marker such as a OTR? im asking because when i read the ingredients on the side of my can of marsh, i see Xylene as an ingredient and ive seen many posts saying that products containing xylene shouldnt go in plastic containers/markers. on the other hand, ive seen some posts where people said they put marsh in their OTR or other plastic markers. whats the deal?
  7. i assume they are talking about using the wand thing that comes with Griffin
  8. Aleene 2in1 Glue Marker heres a pic of the marker in its packaging from their website: i was in a Michael's art store the other day and saw this little gem. cost like 2 or 3 bucks and appeared to have a valve similar to OTR markers so i grabbed one to take home and experiment with. heres a picture of the marker with cap on next to a pepsi can for comparison (this pic is at a weird angle but this marker it a great pocketable size): heres a pic with the cap off. the nib was smaller than i had expected but not that big of a deal to me. inside the cap, there is a plastic section that comes down over just the nib, so even if its sitting upside down and some ink drips through the nib, it wont go all over inside the cap. this pic shows the seperate pieces of the marker (the nib easily seperates from the plastic but i forgot to pull it out for the pic). when i first unscrewed the plastic part that holds the nib, i was unsure of wether i could get the actual valve part out, but i was able to pry it off as you can see. this makes for super easy filling of the marker. this is the finished marker. i ripped the label off, which left a really sticky residue all over the outside and im lazy so i just wrapped a paper towel around it. the glue that comes in it is a light blue and pretty easy to dump out and discard. i filled this up with a homemade ink consisting of pilot ink, dye, brake fluid, and pearl ex. i know that mix isnt going to create the super unbuffable mega ink but thats ok with me until i get some more dank stuff. as you can see the nib juiced up nicely. in this pic i just drew some lines to show the width of the nib and how easily you can get controlled drips. i have little experience with OTR markers, but the valve action seems very similar. the nib on this seems to be smaller than the mini OTR's, which is fine with me. id say the line is about the width of 1 finger (give or take). my purpose for this marker is for insides and other places where a mop isnt an easy option and this marker seems to fit the bill perfectly. it holds enough ink (for me at least) and i like how i can dismantle most all the parts of the marker easily. not to mention its not messy and wont empty in your pocket. so far im loving this thing and ill keep you updated on how well it holds up as time passes.
  9. i got some Pearl Ex today. had it at Pearls art store. bunch of nice colors. i went with the metallic red. it is much finer than any glitter i have ever seen and it should flow thru most any marker nib. definitely something to check out if u wanna add some more flavor to your ink. how much shellac (percentage wise) should be in your ink mix? like 5-10?
  10. what kind of shellac/where to get it? also, doesnt varnish do the same thing as shellac just about? would either be ok to use?
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