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  1. I was impressed by her acting in both seasons. What a killer show
  2. i caught that at the laurelhurst last night also. The volume was weak
  3. I messed around with the thizzle for a little while and my drive for passion went down the tubes. It's been about a year since I last Played hard and I slowwwly feel my loins waking back up. Sort of lime a bear coming out of hibernation.
  4. Sitting in the hospital waiting to find out what's up with moms pain cruising down the left side of her body. Sober and not enjoying life.
  5. Porto Potty scribble lunch time yo pretty boring stuff
  6. The last 3-4 years I have always owed 400-500 between state and the fed. This year I got my shit down (not claiming anyone) and am actually getting a return. 1452$ which I only get about a grand of due to back taxes. Jesus I hate taxes. I plan on picking up a 9 or 10 foot pontoon boat and paying off debt with the rest. Holler
  7. I've bought a couple of car parts.
  8. Crushing a coors light in a shit hole bar waiting for a hook up
  9. I managed to get it to work by using a sd card and gammalauncher (I think thats what it's called) google and you shall recieve
  10. im torn between the 2. Ive been reading for 4 straight hours trying to figure out whats better for me
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