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  1. i dunno what yall got planned for that truck but it looks like its preeeeety pretty pretty stuck there. good luck though. take video footage for sure of the crash if you actually do it.
  2. chilled with oils a few weeks ago.. rest in peace brother epc
  3. chilled with him a few weeks ago.. gucci mane epcccc r.i.p oils..
  4. that richard bernstein character should be cross eyed..
  5. that 'gold daytons' tag is hilarious
  6. got rolled on doing that bible.. bump the homies.. ansiq bis crow evict iges money oral peru teadski vomit nice job.
  7. i think someone had already fucked the abort up, so grim did something over it.
  8. fiiiiiiiiiiirst. i saw one episode and it was funny.
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