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  1. Usully when shit like that happens I let the door go..One fuken lady even mean mug my ass..I looked back at her like Bitch I was doin you a favor... At times it even seems people expect for you to open the door for them since you're the one coming out the buildin/whatever place. Fuck it throw a "Sarcastic ass You're Welcome" if you dont get a Thank you or sum....FUCK EM..and fuck rat infested havin ass KFC..
  2. Ill post mine tomorrow..Tonite hopefully Ill be "busy"...YYEEEE..
  3. Cause if the monsters would come to Oakland they would get down with the Hyphy movement and Ghostride their whip back to where ever they came from.. YYEEEEE !!!
  4. On point..The cops can get the number in a few seconds..If you really care so much let them niggas handle that shit..
  5. Its not a video clip ..You gotta read the whole review of the movie..Link not workin for you??.
  6. Are you fuken serious..thats fuken wack...Not you Haya, the Movie..I wonder if its even worth it.. SPOILER.. The monster turns around and with a Terminator voice says.."I'll be back"..
  7. Still up..maybe I should lay down and try to get sum rest..
  8. Burnin movies and sippin on sum..bout to be 4am..Aint that a bitch..
  9. Im with Count on this one.. Like the first time I saw an Emo dude in person..I thought it was just a Myspace thing..I didnt even know what the fuck EMO meant.. Seriously, no joke..How long is them niggas in the tannin booth, or how many Tan sprays it takes to get that dark..No bullshit..Whats the purpose of that?..DAMN..Krazy motherfukers.. Poesia..That broad with the pink skirt got ass for days... !!!
  10. I hate bein an asshole but what the fuck is this..A pic of your fuken Crayola markers or them Magic Pens?...Please.....
  11. Yes siiir... Black/Blue Black/Purple Black/Green If you know how to use a 2 color streaker streaker you can use one color on top and the other on bottom on your tags.. Bump for your pic playa..
  12. Damn this shit really turnin into a racist thread...Im out before I say sum stupid.. Rushawn lets go paint..
  13. I wonder if we are included in the percentage Rush?.. Fuck it.. See you at Home depot tomorrow homes...
  14. They dont care bout anymore..Theres all kinds of MS's now.. The folks and the Kings are mostly alliances that gangs have ties to..Most of them are Dominicans, Ricans and other latinos, only a few mexicans are known to be tied to them. The Mexicans stick to that SUR, NORTE shit..Thats why I guess the Mexicans funk with them..And yeah i dont think theres any Mex TS's..But I heard the TS's funk with the Mexicans in NY.. Aint tryin to get off track with your thread but read up on the Folks and Kings. http://www.dc.state.fl.us/pub/gangs/sets.html The MS's are mostly Salvadorians but now days they recruiting anyone down for them..They claim Blue.. Back to your thread..
  15. Hahahah..Reminded me of my Sisters 2 GB memory card that mysteriously disappeared from her Digital Camera..Its good baby daddy got her a new 4 GB...hahah good shit Mero..
  16. Hey Mero, I heard theres a bunch of Blug Rag Mexicans in New York now, is that true??..My boy told me they funkin with the Latin Folks. Dont sum niggas from the Terror Squad claim LF..??
  17. Gettin Pussy once a week sucks..But once you get it..you beat it til is dry..
  18. KiLL Or DiE


    OxyContin OxyContin is a controlled-release form of the narcotic painkiller oxycodone. It is prescribed for moderate to severe pain when continuous, around-the-clock relief is needed for an extended period of time. Choo chooo..Fail train coming,,,
  19. Niggas like to front they dont eat pussy.. I agree with AyeBee, its only an inch away..maybe you never noticed, but you have licked ass before...Of course thats Girlfriend/Wifey status...You aint gone do that to any broad..
  20. Been going to bed at 3am almost everyday for the past 7 months....Be wakin up at 6 or 7 like a G without no problems..but I know its fukin me up cause at times my back hurts..I wish I could hit the bed like everyone else here at my house..Damn..Found new favorite thread..
  21. I tried on the second or third page..But I got called an asshole for it..heh..People actually thought dude was bout to come through... FAIL SUCH AS......
  22. TITS OR BAN(D)... Right??
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