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  1. friday and saturday nights you can buy beer until one or two at grocery stores here in houston... marlboro menthals all the way.
  2. converge in april should be good....missed em the last couple times. dont go to many shows anymore, but my record collection keeps growing.
  3. Left for dead-splitting heads
  4. i want mail rekkids, books, zines, i gots. pm.
  5. trying to get sympathy on larry king live.....comes around goes around.
  6. go check out the methadone clinic in camden. top notch.
  7. ^^^^^ yea i know right, she would have gave me some bogus name like "da flury one"
  8. damn, kristin dunst looked fantastic in marie antionette, but her swimming...i dunno. id still have fun.
  9. ^^^ always wondered what you wrote..probably shoulda just asked fatalist. did you do that c2 above? do your thing....
  10. nah, the one dirt was talking about was the mark ass kid that actually went into the water and started crying like a 3 year old...the dude you talking about shot h in saN antonio, he took his shit like a man, not like above dude. i couldnt watch the end of the the cook cuz i had to leave for work,,...did he relapse? popgunwar...you out there? hope your ok.. i havent heard from you in a minute.
  11. damn my ex-girlfriend gots both my small brown bike lp's.....fucken tanks and cannons. been playing some old six finger satallite amd ink and dagger.
  12. :lol: real talk..just in for a parole violation..im sure he had alittle time ahead of him..but now he's in for life.
  13. ^^^^ yea, but look how many he saved..286. heard he had a substance abuse problem, hoping thats not the cause of his passing. rip
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