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  1. forgot about the Man at arms dude if i remember correctly he rolled around in some kind of battle vehicle.
  2. sharing other people's soap-have fun picking off pubes.
  3. does anyone remember the animated series?
  4. when she gets older she can start making fetish pornos with this girl. if i guy gets head from her does it count as 3 way? food for thought.
  5. i was talking to my mom a few days ago, and she was giving me shit about how one of my friend's older brother was the reason i learned to swear since the day i came home from their house when we were in preschool. it hasn't stopped since then. a few people mentioned this earlier-it's not too hard to get away with if you have the vocabulary to back it up.
  6. good thing it appears to be that you're still in high school-you spelled groceries* wrong.
  7. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=128643 all good, i guess my thread titles aren't catchy enough. Update (1:38 p.m.) : The protesters scurried down the cables, were promptly arrested by CHP officers. Local media outlets have inundated our inbox with link requests, so: you got 'em. For interviews with the protesters, check out NBC 11 and KPIX. http://sfist.com/2008/04/07/breaking_news_t_1.php
  8. i just think it's cool because they decided to scale the Golden Gate Bridge. Olympic Torch Protesters Scale Golden Gate Bridge SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / KCBS / AP / BCN) ― Three people protesting China's human rights record and the impending arrival of the Olympic torch climbed up the Golden Gate Bridge Monday and tied the Tibetan flag and two banners to its cables. The banners read "One World, One Dream. Free Tibet" and "Free Tibet '08." The protesters wore helmets and harnesses as they made their way up the cables running next to the south tower of the famed span that connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County. The climb had the group suspended about 150 feet above traffic, said Mary Ziegenbien, a spokeswoman with the California Highway Patrol. Ziegenbien said for safety reasons, authorities would not try to get the protesters down. "We don't want to put their lives in danger by going and grabbing them off the suspension cables right now," she said. The CHP detained four people on the walkway near the protest, CHP Officer Julie Powell said. She indicated a group of about seven protesters were on the bridge at 11:15 a.m.; three of the demonstrators then went climbing on the cables of the bridge to hang the banner. Golden Gate Bridge Spokeswoman Marry Currie said that metal workers were using skyboxes to move towards the protestors in an effort to cut down the banners. Workers did not plan to confront the protestors. One northbound lane of the bridge was closed due to the demonstrators. As a result, CHP reported that northbound traffic was backed up in the area. The torch relay is taking place on Wednesday in San Francisco, its only North American stop. China has been called to task over its treatment of Tibet ever since the torch was lit. The torch path around the globe already has been marked by protests against China's policies toward Tibet and Sudan. In Paris, organizers canceled the final leg of the Olympic run after chaotic protests, snuffing out the torch and putting it aboard a bus. Rallies, vigils and news conferences related to the torch's arrival have taken place in San Francisco almost daily for the past several weeks. More are planned over the next two days in anticipation of the torch's arrival. About 80 torchbearers will carry the flame on a six mile route along the bay. you can see some kind of live Golden Gate bridge cam here http://cbs5.com/local/golden.gate.bridge.2.693783.html
  9. bummer, in terms of the google phone.
  10. this thread reminded me of something i saw on that Bizarre Foods show which was fucking nasty considering how it was made. this shit is pretty much marinated or whatever in a dark nasty, putrid, grey sludge. Stinky Tofu Chou dofu and chou dofu ru Stinky tofu (also known by its Chinese name, Chou Dofu), a fermented tofu dish which has a very strong acrid odor, is sometimes politely called "fragrant tofu". Its smell has been described as "baby poo," "hellacious" and "sharply foul". Tourists in Taiwan or Hong Kong who follow their nose have no trouble locating a stinky tofu stand � street hawkers who sell it have been fined for breaking air pollution laws. To make modern stinky tofu, fresh tofu marinates for a couple of hours in a brine of vegetables, tofu and dried shrimp that has been fermenting for six months or more. Correctly made, the brine produces a unique rather lacy texture in the tofu, and the insides taste mild and custardy. The typical open fermentation methods allow for easy contamination of the developing brine. Impatient venders have been arrested for faking stinky tofu by adding gunpowder, rotten fish and other inedible additions to their brine. Stinky tofu is a popular study topic among Chinese chemistry students. Tsinghua University's bio-science research lab examined a sample of Dai's stinky tofu and discovered more than 15 kinds of active bacteria swimming around in it, similar to the types of colonization found in yogurt. Twenty-one aromatic chemical compounds have been identified in deep-fried traditional stinky tofu samples collected in Hong Kong. compounds were found. Aldehydes (9) were the major chemical class in which the saturated (8) compounds dominated. Only one unsaturated aldehyde was found. Other classes included alcohols (5), acids (4), furans (2) and ketone (1). The scientists state,"... aroma values of decanal, 1-butanol, pentanoic acid and hexanoic acid were among the highest. They generally possess unpleasant, medicinal, putrid, fecal and rancid odors." did i mention keytones are excreted when we take pisses.
  11. **sniff sniff**..i smell bullshit. you're definitely using Aprill Fool's as an excuse to get yourself out of this retard spectacle you've created/thrown yourself into.
  12. wait...so you're cutting ribeye steaks and getting paid by the hour, yet dealing with "corporate"?? what a high-demand job!!! i doubt "corporate" is going to dock your pay as a result of some racked ribeyes, i could see that happening at maybe a mom and pop store.
  13. i had a feeling it was some big-butched looking lesbian making a big stink about it.
  14. the scene was filmed at one of the old warehouses at Floyd Bennett Field
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