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  1. 8---------------------> You are now officially gay!! congradulations!!!
  2. I dont really respect what he stands for in graff.. but whatever hes getten money and im not i guess..
  3. if you admitted nothing your in the clear.. they cant prove it past a shadow of a doubt... keep your head up .. your in the clear if you keep your mouth shut.. good luck man
  4. seeking never stops amazing me at how many times he puts his own foot in his mouth over the years... calm down there top dog... sucking and chewing up your own bone dosent give you the extra credit "i wish i were you points" with everyone on here... alot of post are useless.. i agree... but do you think this USELESS thread is gonna stop it.... how many times has THIS THREAD been done before.... its like your tryen to be a internet cap from style wars.. "toys like that deserve to get all there posts closed FOREVA" haha
  5. he was in concert where i live starting for slayer.. this was about a month ago.. and i decided last minute not to go.... a huge regret now.. this guy deserves alot more respect then some of you clowns are showing him.. this guy was a legend in metal.. those who disagree dont know your ass from your elbow... RIP
  6. what a huge loss.. one of the best heavy metal guitarist in history.. mad respect for this man.. RIP dimebag
  7. Max.Power


    sad news.. he was a good at his chosen game.. rest in peace ODB
  8. this is absolutley incredable http://www.clusta.com/rome/ enjoy
  9. im sorry seeking, i know this wont mean shit to you.. but I actually had alot of respect for your comments and words.. but latley you have been a immature shit talker in every post you make.. seriously man give it up.. im getten tired of reading your immaturity...
  10. Max.Power


    art is in the eye of the beholder my friend... grafitti is a beautiful art, with a ugly repuitation.
  11. best job i ever had was a black jack dealer at the casino where i live.
  12. Max.Power


    seeking you are very witty but grow up...
  13. lemmings is supremly pissing me off
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