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  1. Hmmm first time back in so long. Damn hosting sites are scrambled eggs. Maybe a few days before I get the hang of the forum. New heads new threadz. Shit, let me jet off and do some reading .
  2. Im not sure if this was mentioned in this thread already, but the day it was announced that the levy was broken a rumor circulated that President Bush himself may have orchestrated the destruction of the levy. Possibly for the purpose of having yet another national crisis to have handled under his appointment. Like in the events of 911 the knowledge of a potential dissaster was slept on and could have prevented the loss of many lives. I dont know about you guys but for a guy who's father is and brother are political pirates I wouldnt put it past him. So as tycoon with a large stake in the oil business there is evidence of a monitary gain. Now as soon as you see "haliburton industries" as the primary contractor in charge of the rebuild, Impeach the president !! <~~~yankee
  3. Hatian Jack was a snitch and an informant for the FBI and ratted info on 2Pac. He didn't shoot 2Pac nor was he a feared gangbanger. Quoted post you must not be from NYC
  4. Its pretty informative. I just wanted to hear some more stories about him. Yeah robbin' peeps from Rakim to JD pretty funny Quoted post [/b] That guy was feared in Brooklyn in the 80's, but during this time there were many guys like him. Like a guy named "Hatian Jack" the one who shot 2Pac in NYC, he also preyed on the ghetto fabulous as a means to come up without having to stand on corners and push dope. So I wouldn't take this guys story as the most "gangsta" tale from the hood known to date. Simply because of his name being used by Americas most cocky rap artist. Search: Fat Cat (supreme team, South Jamaica, Queens 80's) Preacher (harlem, 80's) Pistol Pete (Soundview Bronx, 2000) Ed "Super Ed" Carillo ( Queensbridge, Dream Team 2005) Nicholas "Nicky" Barnes (harlem, 70's) John Doe Gang (Miami, Fla 90's)
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