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  1. Im heartbroken over Game 5... Fuck Horry.
  2. True and Atmosphere does suck now. And its been that way for a while. Closed to...or over 5 yrs.
  3. i still dont get what rap music has to do with any of this.
  4. derrrr....I think, in your bling rage, you quoted the wrong damn post. Pffft didnt say anything about America. *directed at the builderman
  5. when something attatched to me falls asleep. And I have to smack it against a wall to wake it up.
  6. Is it just me, or has everyone here started hating/getting tired of white people all of a sudden? Is there more than 3 nonwhite people in Channel Zero now? Is it just some joke that im not in on? Or maybe its just me.
  7. punch Tony Parker in the face.
  8. Chico Buarque- Samba do Grande Amor
  9. My question is...whose that sugary lookin cat holding up the wall!? You cant look hard with that nigga in the background.
  10. I love that movie. I assume you're talking about how stupid movies sound when theyre dubbed over. I agree. Well....I suggest you watch the playoffs instead. Go Detroit. Or get Netflix.
  11. hmm, reminds me of that Island of Dr. Hibbert Simpsons episode. Manimals, and invertibroads.
  12. I used to know this really ugly guy. He would wear these holey grey tees every day. He always looked really raggedy, and greasy. He was a really cool guy though. He was really funny, everyone would laugh at his jokes, but other than that nobody really wanted anything to do with him. Well a couple months later, I noticed he started wearing colorful dopey looking hiphopesque clothing, that everyone else was wearing at the time. He cleaned himself up and put some big ol cubic zirconias in his ears. He was still ugly, he still had really bad skin, but he was with a different chick almost every week. No exaggerations. get some dopey looking trendy clothes, and maybe ugly wont be so hard?
  13. Yay for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I was in Myrtle Beach last week, and I took my box with me. I was even walking around with it in the hotel. I probably looked like an idiot.
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